On 19th and 20th of  July 2018 will take place a meeting of jazz-oriented music professionals at the Jazovia Cultural Center in Gliwice, Poland.


The aim of the meeting is to strengthen and enhance the cooperation between Polish and international cultural institutions associated with the promotion of improvised music, including jazz. Among the invited guests are club owners, directors of cultural centers and festivals, record label owners, and journalists from many countries in the world: Poland, Slovakia, Austria, England, Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, China, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, Croatia, Luxembourg.



  1. 7 showcase concerts of outstanding jazz bands: Jeff Herr Corporation (Luxembourg), Marynita Duo (Ukraine), Ola Onabule Band (England, Nigeria), Dima Gorelik Trio (Israel, Hungary), Szymon Klima Quintet (Poland), Duo Reut Rivka (Israel)  i Izabella Effenberg (Poland),  Amar/Pysz/Sur Trio (France, Poland). Open to the public.
  2. Discussion panels. Jazz tools: media in jazz, labels in jazz. Adama Mickiewicza Institute and jazz.  Moderation: Paweł Brodowski –  Jazz Forum publisher, Ján Sudzina – owner of Hevhetia Records (Slovakia),  Michał Hajduk – Adama Mickiewicza Institute  (open to the public)
  3. Business meetings (for invited guests only)
  4. City tour (for invited guests only)


The organizer of this event is the Foundation for Cultural Integration (Fundacja Integracji Kultury) in Gliwice. The meeting in Gliwice is part of a larger networking event: JAZZBUS International meeting of music professionals -  Košice / Gliwice / Żory 2018 on July 17-21.


Participants of JazzBus in Gliwice:

  • Adam Baruch (Israel) – jazz journalist, artistic director of Singer JF,
  • Joanna Benczew (Poland) - director of the Racibórz Cultural Center,
  • Mirosław Błaszczak (Poland) – manager of the Poland-Japan Exchange Center,
  • Katarzyna Burakowska (Poland) – artistic director of the “Gdańsk Jazz Nights”,
  • Paweł Brodowski  –  „Jazz Forum” publisher,
  • Tomáš Čižmárik (Slovakia) – Leader of K13 Audiovisual Center, Public Relations manager of HEVHETIA Records,
  • Józef Eliasz (Poland) - director of the Bydgoszcz Jazz Festival,
  • Michał Hajduk (Poland) - director at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute,
  • Zsolt Hernádi (Hungary) - BMC - Opus Jazz Club - jazz promoter, Budapest,
  • Gabriel Horal (Slovakia) - artistic director of JazzFORSale Festival Košice,
  • Patrice Hourbette (Luxembourg) - dyrektor festiwalu Luxembourg Jazz Meeting,
  • Davor Hrvoj (Croatia) - journalist, artistic director of Ljubljana Jazz Fest,
  • Tomasz Ignalski (Poland) - director of the Chorzów Center for Culture,
  • Anna Kokolus (Poland) – Deputy Director of Racibórz Cultural Center,
  • Krzysztof Komorek (Poland) – journalist of the Magazine "Donos Kulturalny",
  • Bolesław Kowalski (Poland) - International Business Manager of the Tarnowskie Centrum Kultury,
  • Adam Morawiec (Poland) – director of the local government institution of culture "Palace in Rybna",
  • Jerzy Nowak (Poland) - promoter of jazz in Zielona Góra (PL),
  • Gao Ping (China) - Dean of Composer Department of music school of Bejing Capital Normal University,
  • Jarosław Rerych (Poland) -  fine-art jazz photography,
  • Amro Salah (Egypt) - artistic director of the Cairo Jazz Festival,
  • Agus Setiawan Basuni (Indonesia) - artistic director of Jazz Festival Indonesia,
  • Yoshinori Shirao (Japan) - jazz journalist Japan,
  • Patrick Spanko (Slovakia) – journalist of Radio Slovakia, the owner of the skjazz.sk portal,
  • Ján Sudzina (Slovakia) – owner of  Hevhetia Records and Festivals,
  • Rafał Tomulka (Polska) - Artistic representative of director of Tarnowski Cultural Center,
  • Wang Wei (China) - Art Director, Chengdu Xinyu Cultural Promotion Co. Ltd. ,
  • Oliver Weidling (Great Britain) - owner of the Vortex London Club,
  • Michał Wojaczek (Poland) - director of of Rybnik Land Theater (Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej),
  • Zhang You (China) - director of the festival in Xi An,
  • Zheng Yuxing (China) - Leader of Piano Department of Sichuan Conservatory
  • Krzysztof Kobyliński (Poland) -  director of the Palm Jazz Festival and the Filharmonia Festival, owner of Cultural Center Jazovia,
  • Krystian Kijas, Paweł Januszewski, Aleksandra Krzempek, Kamil Rubik (Poland) – organizers.




JazzBus Gliwice 2018 detailed schedule:


Thursday 19.07







Friday  20.07

10:00 AM – Jazz tools: media in jazz, labels in jazz

12:30 AM - Local government institutions in jazz. Adama Mickiewicza Institute and jazz (CK Jazovia)

Events in CK Jazovia:

Thursday 19.07 - Friday  20.07

Exhibiton of jazz artists photography

- works of Davor Hrvoj


All events  at Jazovia,

Gliwice, Rynek 10/ Średnia 12 Street,

 Please note that the schedule of Jazzbus Gliwice 2018 is subject to change.